Rebecca Udall

Pair of Ester & Erik Taper Candles in Olive


We believe these are the most elegant - and practical - dinner candles you will find. Encapsulating the Danish Hygge way of living, lit candles create a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere. 

 Why they’re great:

  • Non-drip, provided they are not exposed to a draft
  • 8 hour burn time
  • Conical shaped, they fit most candle holders
  • Burn evenly and smokeless, provided the wick is kept trimmed
  • Will self-extinguish when very low, so no wedged candle stubs

Founder's notes

I was really excited when I found these – not only because of their elegance but because they are non-drip. 

Being Danish, they know a thing or two about candles. 

Handmade, using traditional age-old tipping techniques, these candles are produced by dipping the wick in wax until the desired thickness is reached.

For the final coating, the colour, the wax is set at a different temperature to the previous dips. This effectively creates a hard shell and is the reason for their non-drip characteristic. The colour is not throughout the candle as this practice clogs the wick and stops it from being able to burn effectively.

Height: 32cm

Diameter: conical 2.6cm

Made in Denmark

Buy four pairs and they'll be packaged in a gift box.

The candles are non-drip, provided they are not exposed to a draft or intense heat. When they burn, the outside coating burns slower so it is slightly raised against the inner wax. If you are using them outdoors, they may drip slightly but you won’t get the waterfall of wax that is typical of poor quality candles.

To ensure your candles burn well and for as long as possible:

  • Avoid touching the edge of the candle while it is lit as this may create an imbalance and cause the candle to drip
  • Ensure you keep the wick trimmed to approximately 1cm to ensure a steady, even and long burn
  • Ideally use a candle snuffer to extinguish 

Please keep them stored flat in a cool place.

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