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Bed Linen Swatch - Sateen


Our bed linen swatches are perfect for getting a feel for the exceptional quality of our bed linen, or to help you choose between sateen and percale.

A market leader in the luxury hotel industry, they almost solely supply the luxury hotel, yacht and spa market. It took some persuasion to get them to work with us.

Based in Italy in one of the most prominent textile districts in Italy (or the World), our supplier draws on the expertise of artisans who are knowledgeable on the local century-old methods.

Our supplier is a true ambassador of ‘Made in Italy’ – 100% of the manufacturing is completed in Italy. They have full control of the manufacturing, which is done in-house, to ensure the highest quality at all touch points – yarn to packaging.

They are focussed on sustainable practices and combining traditional weaving techniques with the most advanced modern technological innovations.

Fabric swatch

Material: single ply, long staple 300 thread count cotton

Weave: sateen 

Made in Italy

Limited to one sample per weave per household

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