When developing the brand, I was working for a global fashion house in non-stock procurement. It was a great opportunity to consider the true meaning of "luxury". To me, it is: provenance, craftsmanship, ethics, personalisation, customisation, longevity & design. 

Luxury doesn't have to warrant high margins when based on a lean business model and a considered approach to spend: no luxury stores, selling direct to the consumer and marketing resourcefully - amongst others (not taking anything away from the product, of course). 

  • To buy less, better. Buy the best that you can afford and make it last
  • Slow living: appreciating life and making the most of moments that contribute to our overall wellness- including sleeping and eating!
  • Supporting heritage and artisan manufacturers - often family owned and community based 

Products are sold in curated collections to inspire you and make buying well easier. 

Our linens are sourced direct from the manufacturers and sold direct to the consumer to be as efficient as possible. Exceptional product at a great price - see our values for more.