Ester & Erik

Ester & Erik Medium Cone Candle in Metallic Bronze


Encapsulating the Danish Hygge way of living, lit candles create a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere. The candles are made using traditional Scandinavian dipping techniques resulting in their non-drip, clean and even burning nature.

Why they’re great:

  • Non-drip, provided they are not exposed to a draft
  • 25 hour burn time
  • Made using high quality, paraffin wax & cotton wick
  • 34cm tall - a great way to add height to your table/mantel piece
  • Cone shaped, they stand independent 
  • Burn evenly and smokeless, provided the wick is kept trimmed
  • Will self-extinguish when low

Whilst these candles are non-drip when not exposed to a draught or intense heat, we would recommend resting them on something, such as a small mirror or glass circle, which are easily obtained. 

Available in various colours and three sizes: 22.5cm, 34cm and 48cm. 

Founders notes

These are a great contemporary alternative to traditional dinner candles. Available in three sizes, they are an ideal and easy way to add interest, height and style to you table setting.

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