John Atkinson

John Atkinson by Hainsworth Duchess 180x230cm Merino Wool Blanket in Camel

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Woven in Yorkshire by a family owned manufacturer who is one of the last remaining vertical mills in England (meaning all production is completed in house), and have been trading for hundreds of years.

Only the best merino wool sourced from Britain, Australia and New Zealand is used. As a material, wool is:

  • Durable and naturally insulating
  • Has great eco credentials, being biodegradable and renewable
  • Thermoregulating. It has the superb quality of being able to retain heat but it can also wick moisture away. This makes it the ideal material for a bed throw.

Merino wool possess these qualities and more. It was considered so valuable that until 1986, Australia banded the export of all Merino sheep. It has a shine, fineness and strength that standard wool doesn’t – it is much softer. 

There is a smart satin trim around all four edges of the blanket. For a duvet substitute, this is suited to a single bed. However, it is a bedspread for a Double, King or Superking bed, dependent on how you prefer the fit. 

A family owned business since the eighteenth century, this manufacturer is one of the last remaining vertical mills in England, whereby they complete every process in house – from dyeing through to the finished cloth. At each stage, the material is inspected for any quality issues.

Well known for their exceptional capabilities in the woollen market, our supplier possesses a Royal Warrant. They select only the best wool from Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Different climates result in different wool types, so the wool is sourced from all over the World to ensure they are using the best type for all products. 

Suitable for: bed throw or duvet alternative in warmer months

Design: plain, tight weave throw with satin trim

Weight: 400gsm

Material: 100% merino wool blanket with satin trim

Made in England

Care instructions: as a natural fibre, with the right care, wool blankets can last a lifetime. Please only dry clean your blankets. Remember wool is naturally antibacterial.

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