Rebecca Udall

Portofino Crochet Ladder Sateen Bed Linen


This is legitimate luxury five star hotel bed linen. Our manufacturer supplies hotels such as Four Seasons and Oetker Collection. 

Percale is crisp and cool like a cotton shirt - Sateen is super soft and silky. To try, check out our Swatch Service.

Portofino is a very elegant and stylish design, featuring a crochet ladder stitch border.

Forget about thread count as the main indicator of quality (read more here) - the raw material and capability of the weaver is more important.

What makes it so good:

  • Single ply yarns: a more breathable and finer material, like silk
  • Mercerised for stronger cotton, lustre and a brighter white
  • Certified non-contaminated cotton for the purest cotton
  • Long staple cotton. With less breaks in the fibre, it is softer, stronger and less prone to wrinkling
  • Ultra-fine, strong stitching: more durable
  • Exclusively made in Italy from yarn to end product for greater quality control 
  • Finishing: twice singed fibre ends to be super soft. A bit like split ends! Plus additional Italian heritage cotton weaver "know-how"
  • Envelope enclosure duvet cover prevents buttons falling off and offers a neater, smoother finish - the flap tucks underneath your mattress (if you'd still like buttons, get in touch)
  • Pillowcase envelope enclosure stops spillage

This design is made to order and delivered in 4-6 weeks.

Founder's notes

My brand was founded ultimately because I couldn't find exceptional bed linen at a fair price. Buying and selling direct, we can offer luxury products competitively.

For bespoke sizes, please email

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