Rebecca Udall

Bud Vase in Blue Grey


Bud vases are a great way to appreciate the changing seasons at the table, secondary to food. Style with snow drops, tulips, daffodils, peonies, lavender and more. Change the feel and aesthetics of your table with minimal effort, taking advantage of seasonal flowers and the wide range of jewelled tones available. Made in Spain from 100% recycled glass. Miniature items are always appealing, and we think these are no exception.

Founder's notes 

I love how bud vases transform a table and make an ordinary meal feel more special. I think they look great in a set of three or five.

Made by manufacturers in Spain who recycle glass to create beautiful, creative glass pieces. They combine technology and traditional skills to get the best out of their designs.

Height: 11cm 

Depth: top 4.5cm; bottom 7cm

Material: recycled glass

Made in Spain

Care guide: hand wash only. Keep out of direct sunlight for long periods - the glass isn't coloured throughout so it could fade

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