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Hemstitch Irish Linen Napkin in Ivory

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Our napkins are made from the highest quality European linen and hundreds of years of expertise and tradition in Ireland. More so, they are produced with the highest ethical standards and sustainable business practices. 

    • Made in Ireland from long staple European flax in by a Master of Linen 
    • 214gsm
    • Classic style - suitable for formal & informal settings
    • Taken care of, quality linen such as this, lasts a lifetime

    About linen:

    • The strongest natural fibre known to man
    • Gets softer with each wash & is well known for its natural lustre and drape
    • Has the benefit of being naturally antibacterial and moth resistant
    • Shrinkage of approximately 3% is to be expected with the first wash
    • Longlasting, biodegradable & renewable

    Founder’s notes

    Irish linen encompasses a 'buy quality once' product, which I love. These are a classic napkin which can be dressed up and down for informal and formal settings - they are so versatile. I use them in my own home and they are a lovely quality and weight.

    Our Irish linen supplier has been established for over 150 years. Their main strengths of quality and craftsmanship remain at the forefront. All their linen is made from fibres with long staple fibres, meaning the fabric is much longer lasting. Experts in linen, they hold the Masters of Linen certification, which guarantees that the linen is entirely made in Europe – from flax to finished product. 

    Dimensions: 46x46cm but please note shrinkage of approximately 3% is expected with the first wash.

    Material: 100% linen

    Weight: 341gsm

    Design: hemstitch detailing

    Colour: ivory

    Made in Ireland from certificated European flax

    Care guide: Wash up to 90 degrees. Do not tumble dry. Iron whilst damp. Store with ventilation and ideally rolled rather than folded.

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