Rebecca Udall

Box of 8 Danish Non Drip Taper Candles in Metallic Gold

£29 £35
We believe these are the most elegant - and practical - dinner candles you will find. Encapsulating the Danish Hygge way of living, lit candles create a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere. Ideal for finishing your Christmas or New Year table setting.

     Why they’re great:

    • Non-drip, provided they are not exposed to a draft
    • 8 hour burn time
    • Conical shaped, they fit most candle holders
    • Burn evenly and smokeless, provided the wick is kept trimmed
    • Will self-extinguish when very low, so no wedged candle stubs

    Founder's notes

    Stylish and elegant but also non-drip as they are made using traditional dipping techniques. I have previously been scouring at my table post dinner party, so I think these are great. Their metallic finish is really unusual and the perfect finishing accessory to your Christmas or Thanksgiving tablescape.

    Packaged in gift packaging, these are the perfect out-of-the-box dinner or celebration gift. Or a treat for yourself.

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