Rebecca Udall is a homewares brand specialising in fine and decorative bed & table linens. 

How did it begin?

Bed linen was the catalyst. I was wanting to buy exceptional bed linen, as I had been spoiled from previously working in a bed & bath buying department. I couldn't justify the prices, knowing the typical mark ups!

High mark ups are necessary as luxury linens are almost exclusively sold wholesale to luxury department stores or available in low footfall, low productivity retail outlets. How many times have you been in to a busy luxury linens store?  

Our raison d'être 

The bed linen industry is predominantly focussed on thread count as the key quality indicator. If so, why do sheets of the same thread count differ so much in softness, longevity and cost? There's so much more to great bed linen than thread counts.

Our difference:

  • We're honest about thread counts (we don't buy bed linen using poorer quality, twisted yarns to artificially inflate thread counts) - quality over quantity.
  • We only advertise "hotel" bed linen where the same sheets genuinely reside in the best 5* hotels (and I really mean the best)
  • Honest & fair prices: we don't price to allow for future discount
  • We source and sell direct from the weavers, to offer the best in quality & value.
  • Working with our Italian heritage makers to bring you timeless, elegant bed linen styles

I strongly believe more people should sleep in exceptional bed linen. After all, we spend a third of our lives in bed. I am an advocate of spending the most you can afford when it comes to bed linen. Most of us now appreciate how important good sleep is.

(You can read more about What really makes the best bed linen in the World in our blog post). 


The outcome

Exceptional bed linen, as you find in the top end of the most luxurious department stores and in the most sophisticated hotels.

Incorporating the above and our Philosophy, this extended to Table: you can't beat European linen. There is a lot of lesser quality linen available on the market  and it doesn't do this fantastic fabric justice. I enjoy cooking, baking and entertaining, so Table was a natural extension. I worked for an events and wedding caterers in my teenage years. I adored how special and memorable a meal can be when effort is put in to the decoration and atmosphere, as well as the food.

I hope you find something you love. If you have any suggestions or comments, please get in touch.

Rebecca  x

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