Specialising in contemporary fine European linens and considered homeware, REBECCA UDALL is a small, independent brand founded when I was 25 in 2018. At the heart of the brand's ethos - inspired by my personal belief and purchasing habits - is to invest well, once, wherever you are able to.

Before starting REBECCA UDALL, I had various retail roles, including within a Bed & Bath buying department and procurement sourcing at Burberry; both of which inspired the brand in different ways. I had a strong interest in interiors and I struggled to find contemporary, design-led fine linens and accessories that I loved and at the right price point.

From my prior experience, I felt that the way in which bed linen is typically marketed - more (thread counts) = better, was not strictly true. Instead, focusing on long staple cotton fibres, woven by prestigious European mills and crafted by artisans, I felt ensured a better product. You can read more about this here. 

My other inspiration came from working for an event caterer’s (I had various jobs starting from the age of 14!). I loved how memorable a wedding breakfast or catered family meal was, and how the combination of styling, food and company created great memories. In this role, I grew an interest in cooking and entertaining. 

I believe that our homes have a large impact to our wellbeing. They are a personal expression and should be our place of comfort - that 'home' feeling we all crave. I am a huge advocate of buying less, better, and using what you adore everyday rather than saving for best. We don't need lots of things for our homes and we shouldn't need to replace often, so invest well.

The collections are partly designed in house and others curated by me, with a focus on provenance, craftsmanship, longevity and timeless, elegant style. An exception is a small touch of kitsch or a novel piece here and there; this gives a home individual character that make it more welcoming and ultimately 'you'. Likely love or hate pieces!

Predominantly, I source from heritage and/or artisan makers in Europe: from Italian bed and bath linens to Murano glassware, Italian crockery and French cutlery. Other pieces, such as woven homeware, are sourced from their area of provenance, such as Burmese rattan. I always look to source from small, family run and owned manufacturers, wherever possible, with equal passion and care for their work.

I hope you find something you love.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please get in touch.

Share your looks with us on Instagram #rebeccaudall - I adore seeing how you style our products. Alternatively, please do email me photos!  

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