How to Style Cushions on Your Bed: Five Ways

Cushions are a must have for a serene bedroom. Acting as a focal point, they break up the expanse of bed linen fabric, which for most of us is white. Cushions are also a great way to add interest through patterns and texture. There are a number of ways you can style cushions on your bed. 

1. Layering 

A variety of cushions adds interest to your bed. Play with textures, sizes, and patterns for high impact. Mix and match sizes or keep to one size, like the examples below.

Design: Helen Green Studio

Design: Laura Hammett

2. Bolster Cushions

Either alone or in front of square cushions, bolster cushions make for a super luxe feel as they are more unusual. Their round shape offers a different shape to a room which adds interest.

Design: Elizabeth Hay

Design: Laura Hammett

3. A Pair of Rectangular Cushions

A pair of rectangular cushions lends a contemporary look which is luxurious but understated. Great for maximising the focus on your headboard, use plainer fabrics for a clean look or play with pattern and texture for a more layered look.

4. One Extra Wide Rectangular Cushion

A great compromise if you live with someone who can't stand cushions! A single but wide rectangular cushion offers a non-fussy look to your bedroom but being quite unusual, it stills evokes design led decor.

Design: Turner Pocock

Design: Betsy Brown Inc

5. One Row of Square Cushions

Not the most original of ways to style cushions but a timeless classic. We recommend 50x50cm or 60x60cm for them to feel luxe and interior designer inspired. Three cushions can also work really well, especially for a superking or emperor sized bed.

Design: Studio Ashby


Design: Sophie Paterson Interiors


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