Rebecca’s Easter Table Styling Tips

Easter is fast approaching, so I’ve started to think about my table for Easter Sunday. Easter is one of those occasions where you can unforgivingly go all out on your table. For anything décor related, I always think it’s best to be inspired by your favourite colours and personal style. I have done the contrary before – with tables and other décor - and it never feels as comfortable, which is ultimately the main premise. With a seasonal table – Christmas, Easter or otherwise – there are so many ways to be inspired for the season in any colour palette. You can steer away from pastels for Easter with brightly coloured egg decorations or, contrarily, white eggs. I hope the below styling tips are adaptable, whatever your style. If you feel that our typical brand aesthetic resonates with you, I have suggested products that I’ll be using for Easter weekend that I hope will inspire you.

Choose your Easter colour palette

You can’t go wrong with soft and nature inspired colours at Easter – sage and deeper greens, soft blues and dusty pinks. Nature is wonderful at this time of year – pastel bird eggs and spring flowers - so I like to incorporate this where I can. Bring pretty blue, pink, yellow or green hues onto your table in many ways with crockery, linens and other decor. Pale pink gingham table linens are perfect when styled with cream and natural accessories, such as our bamboo cutlery, scalloped abaca placemats and off-white flowers. You could instead opt for potted herbs or muscari. Blue and yellow together are a really joyful combination and are great for Easter. Try pairing our blue gingham ruffle tablecloth and napkins with bunches of narcissus.

Decorate with eggs

Eggs are a clear inspiration for Easter. For a sustainable way to decorate, source white and pastel chicken eggs to add to bowls and pedestals on your table. Quail’s eggs can also be very pretty. Foil covered eggs in the colours of your table setting are a great alternative, too.

Incorporate elements of nature

I love to bring seasonal elements of nature onto my table settings. One of my favourite tricks for a spring table is to secure willow branches with chicken wire in the bottom of an opaque vase. You can hang lightweight decorations from here, if you wish. I also use moss as a decorative piece for potted flowers and on the table.

Embrace the occasion

Don’t be afraid to fully embrace the occasion. Ruffled tablecloths and napkins, cabbage crockery and Easter napkins all touch on the right side of kitsch – they make a table feel more relaxed and are especially great if you have children dining with you. Try pairing our Easter napkins with a gingham tablecloth and basket-weave plates for a stylish look with a fun touch.

Involve your children

If you have children joining you for Easter lunch, could you get them involved with a crafts activity to create the menus and place cards for the table? They’ll also love fun yet stylish touches such as the Easter napkins or animal tumblers.

Use seasonal flowers

Source flowers that are currently in season from a local florist or freshly picked from your own garden, rather than relying on imported blooms. Daffodils, tulips, irises, anemones, hyacinths and bluebells are all perfect for an Easter tablescape. Rather than one large display in the middle of the table (which I find blocks your view on a round table and only provides decoration for guests seated in the middle of a long table) place smaller bunches in vases dotted along the length of the table.

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