We are able to offer crest, letter or motif embroidery on all our Atelier linens as well as some of our stocked Rebecca Udall products.

We have patterned with Embroidered Napkin Company to offer monogramming, crest and motif embroidery on our stocked linens and textiles. It is now possible to monogram and embroider our towels, napkins, Christmas stockings, coasters and cocktail napkins, placemats and linen hand towels. Tablecloths are regrettably not possible.  

For Rebecca Udall Atelier linens, these can be monogrammed, too. The monogramming for these items would be fulfilled by our partners at point of manufacturing. 

To discuss monogramming and custom Atelier linens, please email atelier@rebeccaudall.com. 

To shop stocked Rebecca Udall products and monogramming, you can order directly from the website of Embroidered Napkin Company

You can view our monogram lookbook here for inspiration.