Rebecca Udall is routed in textile excellence across Bed, Bath & Table Linens - they form the core and essence of the brand.

Before launching her eponymous brand, Rebecca worked in a bed & bath buying department as well as a FTSE luxury fashion house, both of which had a big influence to the brand.

We focus on the quality of fibres as well as fabric weight/thread count, finishing and weaving know-how. For example, for bed linens we take a holistic approach to thread counts, balancing this against other quality factors so that what is in our collection offers genuine value for money at the level of investment. So, you won't find incredibly high thread counts of poor quality yarns. 

Our approach is based on:

1. Heritage

We champion heritage manufacturing - prestigious, age-old mills as well as heritage communities which have incredible know-how passed on from generation to generation. 

2. Provenance

Many of our products are sourced from areas of provenance for their speciality. For example, our Portuguese bed and bath linens are produced in a rich, well-known textile region. Drawing on the expertise of our several generation family-owned manufacturer offers us the know-how to produce exceptional linens. We champion European grown flax because it is the very best globally - stronger, softer, longer-lasting. 

3. Longevity 

By championing heritage manufacturers, using the finest raw materials, enduring design ensures the longevity of our products. 

4. Focus on the Details

One reason we are so passionate about textiles is their multi-faceted benefit. Textiles have such a huge impact to our homes and consequently our wellbeing;  cutting corners in textiles shows. 

They bring comfort, beauty, texture, joy and ultimately that home feeling to our lives. No home is complete without textiles; often included in a myriad of weights, textures and materials across various forms. 

There are various details we focus on:

The quality of the yarns - we prioritise excellent quality fibres, always. Equally, we will always champion the finest natural fibres - only adding a small quantity of synthetic fibre when it adds to the functionality of the product such as a small amount of nylon to a woven blanket to reduce pilling. 

Finishing - the quality of our weavers is paramount. It impacts the handle, longevity and feel of textiles which are key. Equally, we will always prioritise high quality tailoring of our garments. 

Design is not secondary. We invest a lot of time to researching, testing and refining our designs to be unique, enduring and playful. 

5. Sustainable & Ethical Production

From Oeko-Tex 100 certification (all of our textiles are) to the Better Cotton Initiative and SEDEX certification, we are committed to supplying goods that support the people who make them, our planet and to make a positive impact to those who will own them. We hope for our pieces to become our future heirlooms. 

Textiles are hugely personal and we offer a wide range of European textiles, including bespoke possibilities, to suit a variety of investment levels. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need advice.