How to Create the Perfect Meadow Vase with Lucy Vail

We asked London-based luxury florist, Lucy Vail to style an arrangement in our large Beatrice ceramic urn. Lucy specialises in creating high-impact installations, bouquets and arrangements for weddings and events, using predominantly British-grown flowers, grown on her family's flower farm, Floriston Flower Farm.

Read on for Lucy's expert tips on creating a meadow-inspired arrangement this summer.

The Perfect Meadow Vase:

 Look to your gardens for seasonal ingredients. For this style of arrangement you are looking to pick:

  • 8x stems of foliage
  • 3x large blooms
  • 6x medium blooms
  • 7x filler blooms

 At this time of year you can expect to find beautiful ingredients right on your doorstep – think hydrangeas, garden roses, cosmos, daisies, scabiosa and so many more meadow flowers.

  • Fill your vase to ¾ full of water
  • Condition your flowers by cutting the stems at an angle, approximately 2.5cm up from the base of the stem. Remove all leaves that will fall beneath the water line in your vase.
  • Lay your flowers out in front of you on a table, before grouping them together in flower types.
  • Place three individual stems of foliage into your vase in a triangle formation. This will act as your structure, enabling you to build a structure to support the rest of your stems.
  • Add your large size blooms to the vase one stem at a time, using varying heights and angles. Leave the tallest stem for the middle of the vase.
  • Now introduce your medium size blooms into the arrangement, place them above and below the already position stems.
  • Finally, place all filler blooms into your vase; these are your smallest stems which create lots of texture. Keep turning the vase in front of you until you have filled all gaps in the arrangement. Et voilà!

Create a similar bouquet using one of our Beatrice ceramic urns.

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