8 Pro Tips for a Pinterest-Perfect Pantry by Maison Haven

Maison Haven is your shortcut to a stylishly organised life. Former magazine editor and fashion executive, Corrie and Jennifer, launched Maison Haven to simplify your space from the inside out.  

You could say pantries are our bread and butter (excuse the pun). Nothing gives us greater pleasure than a beautifully functioning pantry. We’ve transformed every size and shape imaginable from epic walk-ins to single cupboards. But no matter the scope, our approach remains the same. And now we’re sharing it with you…


1. Edit

Skip this stage at your peril. Even the most seasoned purger is bound to find something growing moss at the back of the cupboard. Our personal best was the client with ground cumin from 1998. Weed out anything old or that you know you won’t eat (be ruthless). If it’s ok to eat, donate it. Whatever you do, ensure you’re creating a system for the food you actually use and love.


2. Categories are your friend

Once you’ve purged, group items into zones like Baking, Breakfast, Dried goods, Snacks etc. Think of it as a brain map. Next time you open your pantry door, you’ll know exactly where to reach for flour, potato chips or pasta. It saves time and effort (win win).

3. Don’t just ask yourself what you eat, ask how you eat 

What’s your breakfast routine? Do cereal and snacks need to be on a lower shelf so little hands can access? Is pasta a staple? Are you making smoothies every day? Rule of thumb is this: anything you’re reaching for more than twice a week needs to be prime real estate. No bending down, no reaching up high.


4. Know your storage

Some of our tricks? Double-height turntables maximize shelf space. Risers create an extra shelf. Inserts added to baskets and drawers keep items neatly stacked. A glass jar or two next to the Nespresso machine creates a gorgeous coffee station. A couple of adjustable drawer organizers create a tea drawer. Where possible go for uniform storage. Not only will it elevate the look, but you’re more likely to use what you see (plus it makes shopping for groceries so much easier).


5. Label everything (and we mean everything)

For extra polish, we add our custom labels but chalk labels work well, too (just make sure you use white paint pens otherwise the handwriting smudges).

6. Ditch the packaging

Yep, we love to purge plastic. Where possible we decant goods into sustainable glass containers. Items like flour, sugar, pasta and grains really lend themselves to being set free (make sure you use jars with a seal for items like flour). Pro tip: add cooking instructions to the jar. We use our custom cooking labels, but a chalk pen underneath the lid works well. Another client favorite? A Wellness Zone. We decant nuts, seeds, smoothie powders, collagen and protein mixes into pretty glass jars. Healthy snacks at your fingertips.


7. Refill system

Do not – repeat: DO NOT - organise your pantry without a Refill zone. It’s all very well designing a beautiful system, but you need to be realistic. A too-rigid system is stifling. We always factor in a refill area for any multiples or excess. If you’re decanting pasta and have some left over, stash it in the Refill basket. Three bottles of olive oil? They go here, too. Grocery store had a sale on canned tomatoes? Store the bulk in here. You get the gist. Just remember to always, always check your refills before your next food shop.

8. Style

One thing we’ve learnt? A space that looks beautiful is more likely to stay that way. So make a visual statement. Consider the aesthetic. It’s why we send every client a mood board. And don’t be afraid to think outside the storage box. Pantries can be poky. In our narrowest spaces we’ve used pretty, gold magazine files to store potatoes and onions. They’re practical and they look great!

About us / Maison Haven is your shortcut to a stylishlyorganised life. Our bespoke in-home services and curated collection of products will simplify your space from the inside out.


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