Champions of buying well once, our range of artisan and heritage homeware sourced from areas of provenance around the globe, coupled with contemporary yet elegant and timeless design, will ensure your gift list is full of pieces you will cherish today, and tomorrow.

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Congratulations on your engagement!

I would be delighted to help you select presents that you will both love now and in the future, and that your family and friends will be thrilled to gift.

There are other service elements we offer, such as delivery to suit you, personalised styling advice, easy exchanges and more.

My colleagues and I will be available to support you throughout, as and when needed.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

With love, 

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How It Works

Create your registry online, where you can personalise your page with a message to your guests as well as shipping details and a unique link direct to your registry, password protected, if preferred.

Enjoy exploring the website whilst adding products to your list with our easy 'add to registry' button. When you are ready, share your list with your friends and family via your unique URL.

Once gifts are purchased, you will receive confirmation of a gift purchase via email and the software will remove the item(s) from your list, so you don't get more than you hoped for.

We will agree delivery with you; whether you would like immediate, "batched" (typically every two weeks) or "whole" delivery (typically after the wedding). We also offer 60 day exchanges for gift list customers to allow for honeymoon, in case you wish to change anything.

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