Creating the Ultimate Spring Bath with 100 Acres

I first discovered 100 Acres in a local hotel to me. 100 Acres produce a beautiful range of bath products, evocative of the British countryside. I spoke to Ellea, founder of 100 Acres, to discuss her ultimate Spring bath, in light of the launch of our new scallop bath mat and new trim colours across our towelling range.

For those who aren't familiar with 100 Acres, can you introduce the brand?

We create all-natural, heavenly-smelling, luxurious bath & body products that are, quite simply, bottled incarnations of a hundred rolling acres of heavenly British countryside.

We do this because, if we could, we’d spend all of our time frolicking in the countryside. Think sprawling green hills…sunny afternoons spent lounging in wildflower meadows…and al fresco suppers in glorious gardens, soaking up the balmy evening air infused with scents of the surrounding herbs, flowers and foliage, all aromatic and warmed by the day’s sun.

But, sadly, we can’t, so we created 100 Acres. We bottle this heavenly essence of the countryside, so that any time you use our products, you can just close your eyes – inhale deeply – and escape to your own hundred acres.

All of our products are made in the British countryside by artisans in small batches. We use only 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality we can possibly source – just fragrant pure botanicals and rich plant oils (absolutely no nasties – no parabens, sulphates, phthalates, etc). We tread lightly on the earth too - we can’t frolic in the countryside if it’s no longer there! - so all packaging is recyclable, biodegradable or already recycled.


What is the value of a relaxing bath?

In life, we don’t think there are many things more restorative than a steaming hot bubble bath. It's the perfect way to reset, re-centre and switch off from the world: muscles relaxed, skin nourished and mind slowed.

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Any simple ways to elevate a bath?

We don't think there's anything more grounding than feeling immersed in nature. At the height of summer especially, we love gathering flowers from the garden to put into the bath. Top flowers of choice include rose petals, lavender and roman chamomile, all of which infuse the water with the most delicious scent, and your skin with an abundance of nourishing plant nutrients. 

Our 100 Acres Bubble Bath is bursting with fresh rose extract, lavender and roman chamomile, so that even if you’re not able to handpick flowers, you can still have these incredible fresh scents and amazing botanical benefits, just as if you’d picked them yourself - like having your own hundred acres of countryside, condensed into a bottle. Blended into a super-rich, luxuriously creamy gel formula, pour a generous amount under running water, let the fragrant bubbles fill your senses and let your mind run free through the countryside.

What about the atmosphere?

Little surrounding extras are just as important to help elevate the atmosphere and experience even further. We always light scented candles, in particular our Signature Candle – designed to complement the divine scents of our bubble bath. We also love to bring a hot drink, too – a fresh mint tea (with mint picked from the garden) is always our tea of choice, or, if fresh garden mint isn’t available, we love Daylesford’s Moroccan Mint.

 Does the bath experience end when you step out of the bath?

Oh gosh no! The post-bath experience is just as important. We make sure we’ve got an abundance of luxuriously soft towels on stand by. Often overlooked, a good bath mat is seriously essential - there’s nothing like sinking your feet into a plush, soft bath mat (this one is next to our bath currently), and we always ensure towels are warming on the radiator, too. Oh, and the towels have to be extra large – we adore Rebecca’s Scalloped Bath Towels. So, once you’ve spent long enough in the bath to be wrinkled like a prune (the ultimate sign of a good bath), roll out into warm waiting towels, and preferably, run straight into bed!


Visit our Instagram pages @rebeccaudallhome @100_acres to enter a competition to win a bath time bundle from Rebecca Udall and 100 Acres. Closes midnight 9th May. 


100 Acres are kindly offering Rebecca Udall customers a complimentary 100ml bubble bath when you spend £18 or more on

How to use: use promo code UDALLBB at the checkout.

T&Cs: Valid on orders over £18 only. Please add the 100ml bubble bath to your basket, then apply the discount code in the checkout process to redeem the offer.

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