How to Recreate a Five Star Hotel Bedroom at Home

We've all been to a hotel and wondered how we can recreate it at home. It's so popular that retailers frequently allure to their bed linens being "hotel" when they actually aren't supplied to hotels!

To recreate a five star or chic boutique hotel look at home, here are some key factors.

1. Exceptional bed linen

Undoubtedly, top luxury hotels have exceptional linens that are beautifully pressed. Stick to predominantly white bed linen for a fresh, clean and serene look.

Style wise, hotels will frequently use Oxford pillowcases (those with a border around the edge). Colour corded design bed linen may compliment or co-ordinate with the room decor.

Our bed linen genuinely resides in some of the most famous, well recognised five star hotels in the World - our manufacturer supplies them. Note, hotels rarely use high thread counts. Instead, they opt for around 300 thread count. It makes for a more breathable fabric as they opt for a "true" thread count over multi-ply yarns. They're simply better! 

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2. Layers

Texture, colour and pattern.

Adding texture through materials

Mix wool with silk and then add in some velvet lampshades. Even consider what you put on the walls - different paints add different textures, as does wallpaper. Furniture can also attain texture: rattan, gloss, matte, mirror, etc. It's advisable to stick to keep things relatively co-ordinated, but equally not overly "matchy-matchy".

Adding texture through colour

Choose your own style here - be it a bright combination of primary colours, neutrals with pops of a jewelled colour throughout the room, or just neutrals.

With neutrals, for example, ensure a variety of materials with a combination of soft and deep tones to add interest. You can even have different textures within one material, like wool: Mohair, a sateen wool and a more traditional wool. You can also get silks with matte or reflective surfaces - or somewhere in between!

Adding texture through pattern

Your own style with come out here: whether you prefer clashing patterns or more understated looks such as herringbones.

For a bold look, it's typically advised that you combine a mixture of small and large scale pattern for a chic look. Combine different colours to make the patterns pop even more.

Layers of accessories

Add interest through the layering of different accessories. This could be artwork, soft furnishings, lighting or wallpaper.

For the bed, you could:

  • Layer two throws over one another, such as one lightweight smooth throw and one that is more textured, such as mohair 
  • Use different cushion styles: two large square cushions with some boudoir cushions, or a bolster cushion.
  • At least four pillows is vital. Choose from housewife, Oxford, boudoir and large European square (65x65cm) pillowcases, depending on your preferences. 

Effective layering can further be achieved with a mix of antique and modern pieces.

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3. Filled bedding

Choose a natural fill, wherever possible (some people are allergic). A higher down content is better - you are better off going for a higher down percentage than a "better bird". For example, a pure duck down duvet is considered better than a 80/20 goose down & feather. Down always has more "loft" than feather, however goose downs are typically more lofty than ducks.

A natural fill will support a restful sleep: the natural origin of the fill has the ability to regulate body temperature in a way that man-made fibres cannot. 

4. Maintenance

Wash your sheets at least once a week for that fresh sheet feel. Plump your pillows daily, not only to maintain the condition of your pillows, but to get that super cosy, marshmallow look.

If you can, air dry your bed linens and press them. Washing or ironing them in starch will make them crisper and add a gentle sheen.


I hope you found this useful. Shop our five star hotel quality bed linens here.

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