Table Talk with Bre Graham

Our  Table Talk  series is all about dinner party conversations. If you were sat beside our guests at a candlelit dinner party, what would you want to ask them? We’ve curated our dream dinner party guest list and will be chatting to our guests throughout the year, asking them all about themselves, their area of expertise and, of course, their own dream dinner party scenarios. 

Our next guest is food writer, editor and creative consultant, Bre Graham, who has just launched her debut cookbook, Table for Two. Originally from Sydney, Bre grew up in Singapore and has lived in London for over ten years. Alongside sharing her recipes and food writing in her book and on her newsletter Dishes to Delight, Bre is also the editor at Courier Media, and hosts supper clubs, podcasts and panels. We caught up with Bre to chat about her own ideal meal for two and how her cooking has been influenced by the places she’s lived.  

What would be on the menu for your own ideal meal for two? 
A cocktail to start (a martini for me please!) followed by something that combines both bread and cheese, and a dessert that can be shared with two spoons.  

How would you style a dinner table to make a Valentine's meal feel romantic? 
I always start with candles to set the scene, then flowers cut short so as to not block the view, and romantic ruffled napkins paired with vintage crockery. 

Do you have any tips for hosting a special meal for a loved one? 
Focus on enjoying yourself and your time with the one you love. Keep the food simple so you don't stress and cook what you love to eat. 

How has your time in Sydney, Singapore and London shaped the way you cook? 
They're three cities with such distinct food cultures and they're each been so influential to how I love to cook at home. What ties them all together though is missing one when I'm in the other so feeling homesick for a cuisine really shapes how I cook and eat. 

Who would be your dream dinner party guests and why? 
The Spice Girls so I could live out the dreams I had when I was six to be part of the band. 

What would feature on your dinner party playlist? 
A mix of everything from Nina Simone to Lizzo. 

Tell us about the most memorable dinner party you've ever attended? 
I get to go to some incredible dinners with my job, but a dinner party in Corsica to celebrate the birthday of Air Corsica sticks in my memory as a very wild night I'll never forget. 

What are your favourite Rebecca Udall products for a table for two? 

The Olivia Scalloped plates and Ester and Erik candles are the base for a dreamy table for two. 

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