Table Talk with Emily Campbell, Owner of If Only If Nightwear

Emily Campbell is the Owner and Creative Director of nightwear brand, If Only If. If Only If Nightwear is a family-owned and run business specialising in the beauty of a nightdress. With an emphasis on inclusivity, small batches and natural materials, they create timeless, romantic designs for every generation of women. Emily took over the business from her mother, Issy Falkner in 2020 and has since expanded on their collection of nighties, adding best-selling styles including our favourite, the Pandora. We caught up with Emily to ask her advice for getting a good night’s sleep and her bedtime rituals.  

What makes the perfect nightdress?  

Three key ingredients – high quality cotton (I love voile), romantic detailing (for my pleasure), and a loose, flattering shape for ultimate bedtime comfort. 

Where do you find inspiration when designing If Only If nightdresses?  

I draw so much on nostalgia, my memories from childhood and home. Be that from favourite books (Brambly Hedge), the wildflowers that grow in the hedgerows near my parents in Somerset and the beautiful, smocked dresses my grandmother made for me by hand. I am forever drawn to anything timeless and romantic. 

What would be your advice for getting a good night's sleep?  

About 2 years ago I started leaving my phone in the kitchen before going to bed. As a result, I’m reading way more books than I used to and drift off to sleep far quicker. I’m also an eye mask nut – my favourite is the Drowsy Sleep Co ones – like being wrapped in a hug. 

Do you have any evening rituals for before you go to bed?  

I’m verging on obsessive (neurotic?) when it comes to a bedtime routine. Baths (outrageously hot and always with oils – I love Ortigia and Bamford), followed by my skincare routine, a fresh IOI nightie (my current go-to is our Clara) and a good book. Clean sheets night is always another level of bliss. 

How do you like to start the day?  

I’m a terribly early riser (5:30am usually) but I love it when the house is quiet at this time (with 3 children this silence is increasingly fleeting). I have a coffee and read through my emails to get a head start on the day. 

Who would be your dream dinner party guests and why?  

Honestly, it would be with my girlfriends. We are at that stage of life where we rarely get together (kids, careers, JUGGLE) but no one makes me feel more relaxed and makes me laugh more than them. 

What would feature on your dinner party playlist?  

Dolly Parton (no explanation needed). 

Tell us about the most memorable dinner party you've ever attended?  

There was one time I was seated at a party next to a lovely man. He asked me lots of questions about my twenty-something self, which I rabbited on about (my job, my pals, my favourite TV show). Once I had finished, I asked him what he did. ‘I am a Prime Minister!’ came the reply. I was gobsmacked. 

What Rebecca Udall products would you use to style a Spring table?  

It will come as no surprise that I am drawn to Rebecca’s beautiful ruffle trimmed products. I’m currently coveting the gingham ruffle tablecloths and napkins, imagining dining outside on a sunny spring day with lots of handpicked snowdrops covering the table in her little budvases and bowls full of mini eggs (I love the pastel colours). Heaven! 

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