The Provenance of Our Core Collections

The Stories Behind the Collections

Wherever possible, I source from areas of provenance. Firstly, these producers are always incredibly passionate and skilled in their area of speciality. The craftsmanship, commitment to the best practices and innovation is almost always the best. What I like, also, is that these makers tend to be family-owned (another level of passion and commitment to the area) and they tend to produce more sustainably. When I have an idea for a new product, I will research areas of excellence for these items. Often, it can mean very long lead times and sometimes more challenging processes, but I always feel it is worth it. It also sets us apart from larger retailers, as these family-owned manufacturers are often not suitable for larger productions.

I recently wrote about the stories behind some of the key pieces in my kitchen collection, but I’d now like to concentrate on the provenance of the items that make up my core collection – the bed, bath and table linens, and tableware that carries through each season.

Burmese Rattan Chargers

Rattan is a native plant in Myanmar. There are various species of rattan which can cause variances to colour and so forth but Myanmar rattan, I find, is the best. Our best-selling rattan chargers are hand woven by artisans supporting rural communities by utilising their traditional craft skills.

Italian Crockery

Our partner atelier has been established for centuries and is one of the oldest, most established and well-respected manufacturers in Europe, producing for many of the leading luxury brands globally. They employ various artisanal, centuries-old methods such as hand carved moulds, hand painting and cutting the clay by hand. They are also inspired by designs of yesterday, ensuring a timeless aesthetic. Our Basket, Olivia and Madeleine crockery are all made here.

Murano Glassware

The global centre of glassware manufacturing, Murano near Venice, Italy, has been pioneering glassware manufacturing since the late thirteenth century. Due to historical government restrictions to glass blowers on the island of Murano, knowledge was kept within this area. These restrictions are no longer in place, but Murano has maintained its iconic status. Our Alicia, Gabriella and Millefiori glassware is all traditionally made in Murano.

French Ceramics

For some new additions to our range, we are partnering with the oldest earthenware company in an iconic ceramics town in France. They are committed to maintaining the most artisanal processes. Today, their craftsmen continue to handcraft and hand paint their creations in the same that was done 250 years ago. For example, each scallop is meticulously hand cut. No two pieces are the same which creates a richness and character to each item that is unrivalled by bulk production pieces. This area of Northern France is well known for ceramics production and carries on the traditional of antiques decorations of Rouen and Nevers. 

Northern Italian Custom Bed Linen

Unrivalled globally, Northern Italy is home to the most prestigious mills and manufacturers of textiles. Focussed on absolute excellence, the textile epicentre is a clear choice for sourcing the finest fabrics. Their heritage know-how has been passed down through generations. In addition, the nearby Alpine rivers supply fresh water used to wash the textiles - emphasising the cleanliness and quality of their products. There are even regional differences within Italy - one area is known to be the queen of scallops whilst another area champions cording. Our custom bed linen is all made in Northern Italy.

Northern Portugal textiles

Second only to Italy, Northern Portugal is a mecca of textiles. With a history dating back to the eighteenth century, Portugal became a large exporter of cotton and linen goods. The textiles industry is one of the largest industries in Portugal, resulting in innovation and competition to better quality and standards. All areas of the value chain for textiles can be found in the northern region, from weaving, production, label manufacturing to finishing. Our Annabelle bed linen and Amelia towels are all handmade in Portugal.


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