The Provenance of our New Kitchen Collection

I’m excited to announce the arrival of our very first Kitchenware collection; a natural extension to Table with a continued emphasis on heritage and artisan manufacturing. Curated or designed by us, the collection combines pieces that are both functional and elegant - from ruffle Irish linen tea towels, hand blown kitchen glassware and hand carved walnut boards. The Kitchen collection is of course aligned with our ethos of elevating the everyday. 

The Stories Behind the Collection 

Each product in the Kitchen collection has a provenance to champion. I am passionate about sourcing from areas renowned for their craftsmanship for the specific material or craft, with positive and interesting stories to tell.

For the kitchenware range, shown on the map below, many of the products were sourced from around Europe. Whilst mapping out the range in terms of product categories, I knew I wanted the products to be more special and decorative than items you would find in a typical kitchen department. For example, I knew of the most incredible ceramics atelier in Limoges that made individually hand cut scalloped plates and approached them about the possibility to transform this design in to trays for by the kitchen sink or hob (incidentally they also work very well for Bed and Bath, too - look out for their launch in late May). Salt and pepper mills, for example, were another area where I had struggled to find examples that I loved for functionality and design. 

I spent time researching areas of provenance for the products I wanted included in the range. 'Kitchen' would be an extension of our existing collections - timeless, elegant design and championing craftsmanship. I was also passionate about the range being great for gifting as well as having an emphasis on sustainability throughout - whether it's alternatives to items that are typically made of plastic, UK sourced or particularly special pieces that are heirlooms of tomorrow. I have also got quite in to the trend for elevating ones laundry / kitchen sink, hence the curated edit of Cleaning and Utility. 


 Let me introduce you to some of the key products from the range. 

Tea Towels

Perfect for drying hands or dishes, we have introduced two styles of tea towels to the collection. First, we have classic rustic towels, made from French linen with a contrasting striped trim. These are heavier in weight than our ruffled tea towels, which are crafted from a lightweight Irish grown and woven linen. The ruffled designs are a lighter linen, which is ideal for drying delicate glassware. both styles look just as good folded on a shelf as they do hanging from a hook in your kitchen. 

Spiral Glassware

Our spiral glassware collection is very special and would make great gifts, as well as treating yourself to add interest to your kitchen shelves. Handmade in the UK by a small, family-owned manufacturer, these glassjugs, oil bottles and pouring cups are made with the traditional filigree technique by a master glassblower who was trained by Murano masters. The final treatment of the glassware is hand polishing, for an especially refined finish. They are really special and a personal favourite of the new collection.

Brass Salt & Pepper Mills

Our brass salt and pepper mills are a staple in my kitchen, positioned next to my hob at all times. They are made in Greece, inspired by a coffee grinder that the Greek army used in the field. Perfect for anyone who loves to cook, the mechanism is intended to really grind the salt and pepper (as opposed to just smashing it), maximising flavour and aroma. They are really very effective and have been commented on by many of my guests before launching, whilst I tested them.

Horsehair Dish Brush and Table Brush

Handmade in Sweden by a team of highly skilled, visually impaired craftsmen, these beautifully designed brushes are made following 100-year-old traditions, with the horsehair sewn into the wood. The combination of oil-treated birchwood and horsehair bristles (selected for its soft but durable characteristics) creates durable brushes that are both practical and stylish. I love using these instead of plastic brushes and was pleasantly surprised by how effective they are to use (I will fully admit I was a bit sceptical before testing). The dish brush is particularly great for glassware and hand painted plates (there is another product I have found that I will comment on further on, that is perfect for stubborn, burnt on stains), while I use the table brush to sweep up crumbs in my pantry and on the table between meals. It's not an entirely essential addition to your home but something I really enjoy using, and looks pretty kept on display.

Soap Bars

I loved the story of these when I stumbled across this brand. These beautifully packaged soap bars are perfect to give as gifts or to place beside your sink (on one of our ceramic trays – launching later this month). Available in three naturally fragrant scents, these pretty soaps are handmade in very small batches in Dorset from seashell fragments. The soaps are made from seashells that are discarded by the fishing industry, which discards millions of tonnes of shells each year. The shells are broken down into tiny fragments that are used as a sustainable microplastic alternative for their exfoliating qualities. Recent research shows that seashell extracts increase collagen production in the skin and seashells are also antibacterial, making the soaps great for your skin as well as sustainable. The bars are also free of 'nasties' (artificial ingredients/fragrances) and palm oil (this creeps in to a lot of soaps without consumers realising). 

There are still ideas on my range that I am yet to source, so I am looking forward to how the collection develops. 

Take a look at our brand-new Kitchen collection to shop the rest of the range, including hand-carved wooden chopping or serving boards made in the UK from sustainably-sourced wood and bread knives produced by a heritage French manufacturer.

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