Tips and Ideas from our Founder for a Beautiful Spring and Easter Tablescape

Spring, and consequently Easter, is one of the best times of the year to immerse yourself in a beautiful table setting.

I hope you find this guide useful in helping you to create your perfect Easter and Spring tablescape.

Theme and colour scheme 

The best place to begin is to decide on the theme and consequently the colours of your table setting. Make sure to consider any items you already have and wish to use on your table. These may even provide inspiration!

How to decide on a theme for your tablescape? If you are starting completely from scratch and need help finding inspiration, then consider the guests, menu and scenery - your dining room decor, your garden, the barn you may be dining in, and so forth. If you have children eating with you - would you like to make the table reminiscent of an Easter wonderland? Imagining how you would like your gets to feel will also help with ideas - amused, reminiscent or humoured. Considering these elements will help you to focus and generate ideas. 


Once you have your theme and core colours nailed, consider how you will bring it all together with complementary colours and tones, varying textures, florals/foliage and decorative elements.

For example, if you have a pastel green coloured tablecloth, consider other pastel colours for the flowers, linens and anything else you might wish to use.

If you have placemats which you feel are not a "typically Easter" colour like bright orange, then why not be bold and go with this. Complement with bright green and maybe add a hint of blue with muscari flowers. Decorate with faux grass covered rabbits with orange bows or green plates and layer with bright coloured eggs. The more unusual and creative tablescapes can be the best! 


Once you have chosen your theme, if you haven't already, consider the fundamental elements of a tablescape: linens. 

Linens exactly pairing to your theme are ideal, however this isn't always realistic. White linens offer a classic base to work with - you can then bring your colour in through various elements: ribbons tied around your napkins; flowers on the place setting; coloured glasses and candles; decorative objects such as fabric covered Easter eggs or ornaments.

Be sure to add layers with a combination of colour, texture and pattern. 

Personal touches

The most effective tablescapes evoke emotions in your guests - you could be after fright at Halloween or humour at an adult dinner party. Equally for Mother's Day you might like to feature your mum's favourite flowers. Think about how you might be able to do this for your table setting - it will really enhance it.


If you're still struggling for inspiration, here are some ideas I've brainstormed which can act as decorative objects, centrepieces or themes. 

  • Pastels - pastel linens, pastel foil or fabric covered eggs - anything pastel you can find! 
  • Easter nest - have a florist make you a natural Easter wreath from twigs and use this as a centrepiece with eggs in the middle, in your theme colour. 
  • For a maximalist look, pair cobalt blue, pink and greens.
  • Keep things neutral and pared back with a white and soft green palette: eucalyptus, white flowers and Easter accessories in the same tones
  • Willow branches placed in the centre of a table can be layered with moss and eggs covered in themed fabrics and materials.

Fun ideas for incorporating Easter eggs

  • Texture: velvet, mosaic or bejewelled, moss covered, pom pom, felt..
  • Education for children: sheepswool (consider a point around education of children for shearing of sheep - also a fun craft activity); displaying the vast array of real edible birds eggs: guinea fowl, quail, duck, ostrich (Waitrose do sell these in season!), blue and green eggs and deep browns; or how about painting their own egg to include on the table?
  • Foil covered chocolate eggs in your tablescape colours as decoration
  • Eggs with names on as place settings

For inspiration, explore our table lookbook

To add a personal touch, check out our monogram napkins.

To ensure your linens beautifully complement your components, consider our Atelier bespoke table linens. If you are in a rush for these, please contact us as we can occasionally be successful in a super urgent order, less than a week turnaround. It's worth an ask!

I hope this guide has been useful. I would love to see your Easter tablescapes, please do tag me on Instagram @rebeccaudallhome.

Rebecca x

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