Trend Notes: Scallops

I’m not one to follow trends, preferring to focus on timeless style. I believe in buying high quality pieces that you will still love in years to come, curating linen closets and kitchen cupboards filled with pieces that are true to your style along with seasonal touches such as spring ginghams, dark and moody autumn linens and classic crisp whites. Scallops, however, are definitely having a moment across interiors and fashion.

What are scallops?

Scallops and wavy initiations have been prominent for a couple of years now and show no sign of waning anytime soon. If you open up a magazine or scroll through Instagram and Pinterest, you can’t miss them. Spot scallops on furniture, painted onto walls, and of course, scalloped trim on bed, bath and table linens. This love for everything scalloped has possibly sprung from the collective need for a little bit of joy in our lives post-pandemic: there’s something so happy and mood-boosting about the sight of these curved lines – a touch of novelty to our homes that adds a less serious layer and that especially compliments antiques and classic British style.
Curved silhouettes have been growing in popularity for several years now. Soft curvy shapes have featured in everything from furniture to architecture, which has naturally progressed to arches and now scallops. There are influences drawn from the Art Deco movement of the 1920’s and 30’s, but the trend is now softer and more accessible. The natural, organic shapes of scalloping and its simplicity allow it to work across a wide range of products.

How to style scallops in your home?

I make no apologies that I am a big fan of scallops and wavy details – a main reason why I started REBECCA UDALL was that I felt there was a lack of whimsical and contemporary fine linens on the market; a large part of this for me was linens with scallop detailing. This has inevitably inspired me across our other product categories such as crockery and some new ceramic bathroom products to launch soon. They can be a subtle or pronounced detail – you can add one or two pieces to your home without feeling like you are following a trend, if you prefer a more contemporary aesthetic – or, like me, you can fully embrace the look.

In the bedroom

Our Annabelle scalloped bed linen is perfect for adding subtle scallops to your bedroom. Available with a choice of three colours for the trim, pillowcases, duvet covers, and sheets all feature a delicate scalloped edge. If you would like to make more of a bold statement, scalloped headboards are readily available and look beautiful paired with our Annabelle pillow cases.

In the bathroom

Hang or fold our Amelia scalloped bath and hand towels in your bathroom to add some personality to your bathroom. Dependent on the size and storage of your bathroom, you could hang the towels on hooks or over a rail, or fold on shelves or place by a basin with the scalloped trim facing outwards. We also have scalloped ceramic soap trays arriving soon that are perfect for placing beside your basin so that your favourite toiletries are within easy reach.

On your table

There are endless possibilities for introducing scalloping to your dinner table. Start with our Olivia or Madeleine scalloped plates, and pair with linen or abaca placemats in a choice of neutral or bold colours, dependent on the look you are after. I particularly love how the Olivia plates compliment the Stella waxed linen placemats for an elegant look. You could also add a set of lucy linen napkins – or choose to pair the napkins with our rattan chargers instead, for a more subtle look. Finish your table setting by dotting a few scalloped Murano glass candleholders to fill with colourful dinner candles.

Where to look for inspiration?

There are so many interior designers and stylists embracing scalloping that you’ll be spoilt for choice for where to look. Beata Heuman, Salvesen Graham, Fiona Parke, Studio Duggan, George Wykeham and Katharine Paravicini all instantly spring to mind as designers who have mastered adding both subtle and bold scallops to the rooms that they design. If you pick up a copy of an interior design magazine or spend time scrolling through images of beautiful homes on Instagram, you are sure to find plenty of inspirational images.

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