We offer gift packaging for all our table linens. We are working on gift packaging for bed linen as soon as possible. 

Gift packaging is complimentary when you spend:

  • £150 or more on placemats (£5 less than £150)
  • £80 or more on napkins (£3.50 less than £80)

This is due to the cost of the boxes - we didn't want to increase our prices to subsidise them.

If you would like gift packaging under these values, please add them to your basket. To find gift packaging, please search "Gift Packaging" in the search bar, found in the top right hand corner.

If you don't add them to your basket, your items will still be beautiful wrapped in branded tissue and ribbon.

Our gift packaging is made in the UK and is fully recyclable. It is made from 99% recycled materials. We use non-branded ribbon to encourage reuse.