Monogramming is very much a European tradition going back centuries. You may be wondering what letters to choose, where to place them and in what order the letters should go. Here, you'll find all the information you need to help you.

How many letters? This is entirely personal preference. 

One Letter

Choose either:

1. The initial of the family last name

2. The initial of the first name

Two Letters

Choose either:

1. First & last name of each person

2. First names of each partner

3. Last names of each partner

4. A double barrelled surname

Three Letters

1. First initial, middle initial, last initial

2. First initial, last name initial, second name initial

3. Married couple: lady's initial, surname initial, husband's initial

Which font?

We offer a range of font styles. If you are choosing for a gift, we would recommend choosing the monogram that best represents their style. Script style (such as our Grace or Georgina fonts) are a very classic monogram style and always popular. However, Bamboo and Emily fonts, for example, are well suited to people who have a more contemporary style.

If you need any support with choosing colours, style or design, or anything else - please get in touch and Rebecca will support: or Live Chat.

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