At the core of the brand, we champion craftsmanship and provenance, coupled with great design and fantastic service. We hope to inspire you to buy less, better. We are also committed to having a positive impact on the environment and socially. 

Sustainability & Ethics


We design and curate our collection with a focus on longevity - we value craftsmanship and emphasise timeless style. The majority of our products are made locally to us in Europe, whilst almost all of our products are hand-crafted by artisans. Our collection emphasises products that will hopefully become your future heirlooms or pieces we think you will love for years to come.
We prioritise natural fibres over plastics for their environmental credentials as well as their suitability for the product, style and heritage.


We ship internationally using DHL green, offsetting the carbon footprint of shipments. Domestic orders are sent via DPD or Royal Mail. DPD are committed to being the UK's most sustainable courier, whilst Royal Mail has the current title for the UK's most sustainable courier.


We use as little plastic as possible in our packaging and it is always our last choice. We are trying hard to eliminate plastic entirely. For example, we use paper bubble wrap and shredded paper for glass protection. Our gift boxes are made from luxurious kraft board to be entirely recyclable.
Other examples of our sustainable approach to packaging include using boxes that are as small as possible; biodegradable document sleeves for shipments needing invoices enclosed; Kraft tape; opting for non-metallic branding (it makes paper items non-recyclable) and non-coated printed goods; FSC certified boxes and tissue paper; not sending order confirmation and returns forms with orders.
We are constantly trying to better our impact on the environment. For example, we recently changed our linen packaging from boxes to linen dust bags. This reduces our packaging dimensions and we hope our linen dust bags will be kept and reused in your home, either as storage bags for your linens or as bags for laundry when travelling. 

Craftsmanship & Provenance

 We champion heritage and artisan homeware - slow, meaningful production which tends to have a more positive impact socially, ethically and to a consumer's home.
For example:
  • Our bed linen is made in historical textile regions in Europe and finished by hand. It is woven with exceptional quality cotton, focusing on quality over quantity.
  • Our linens are made from European origin flax for the softness, long-lasting linens 
  • Ceramics from a centuries-old atelier who use hand carved moulds and have resisted commercial pressure to use machinery for characterful crockery 

Timeless & Elegant Design

I believe in functional and elevated design. At the core of our design style is to modernise, where needed, classic styles - updating them for modern day so they can be used everyday but with a nod to the past so that our pieces won't easily date.

Elevating the Everyday

Why save things for best? Everyday is worth celebrating. Enjoy the small pleasures - be it a super plush towel, an insanely comfortable bed and beautiful meals with loved ones.