Our products are sourced ethically - environmentally and socially.

Socially: we ensure people are paid fairly for what they do and that the working conditions are fair. We partner with the best manufacturers we find for each product category, of whom are predominantly from Europe. 

Environmental: our products are made to last so have a lower impact on the environment. This is the opposite of fast fashion.

We don't use plastic in our packaging unless we absolutely have to. Our gift packaging and print materials are all recyclable. We use acid free branded tissue paper which is FSC certified - plus more. Read more in ethics.


We want to help sustain heritage and artisan manufacturers, in a time where cheap alternatives are often preferred. The irony is that heritage & artisan products often outlive their mass produced counterparts, so work out more cost effective in the long term.

For example:

  •  Our cotton bed linen is made in a historical textile region in Italy and finished by hand. It is woven with exceptional quality cotton.
  • Our linens are woven by Master's of Linen (of which there are only 13 in the World)
  • Our candles are handmade in Denmark using century old dipping techniques 

Great design

We are focussed on offering products with great design and modernising traditional styles, where needed. We arrange products in curated collections to make styling easier.


We want you to really understand what you are buying - as much as possible without giving away sensitive information! This includes where, who, how and why. We believe provenance and craftsmanship are important and to us, it's a large part of what makes luxury products, luxurious.

We market our products truthfully and price fairly from the outset. We will never artificially inflate prices with a view to dropping them considerably in a bi-annual sale. 

A large aspect of our brand is also about being honest - bed linen in particular - and aiming to re-educate consumers. We feel bed linen is mostly inaccurately represented in the market.

We hope you are inspired by our story. There will be more on its way soon, so please stay in touch. If you'd like to, you can sign up to our newsletter at the very bottom to get updates as soon as we announce them.