Tablecloth Dimensions (Production Size)

Tablecloth Post-Wash Dimensions (5% Shrinkage)

Recommended for Below Table Size (cm) (Allowing for a post-wash drop 20-42.5cm)

165x250cm (65x98") 156x237cm (61x 93")

W75-115cm (29.5-45")

L145-195cm (57-78")

165x300cm (65x118") 156x285cm (61x112")

W75-115cm (29.5-45")

L190-245cm (75-96")

165x350cm (65x138") 156x332cm (61x131")

W75-115cm (29.5-45")

L240-290cm (94-114")

165x400cm (65x157") 156x380cm (61x149")

W75-115cm (29.5-45")

L285-340cm (112-134")

165x480cm (65x189") 156x456cm (61x74")

W75-115cm (29.5-45")

L361-415cm (142-163")

D180cm (71") D170cm (67")

D75-125cm (29.5-49")

D220cm (87") D209cm (82") D114-165cm (45-65")
D250cm (98") D225cm (88") D130-180cm (51-71")

Linen, unless pre-washed, will shrink 5-7% with the first wash only. We have given dimensions pre and post wash above.

Where your table is between two sizes, you can choose which size to go for based on your preferred drop (shorter or longer within the range). 

If the sizes above are not suitable for your table or you have any questions, please contact us. We are able to have more of our tablecloths made in custom sizes.