New Year Resolutions for You & Your Home

The start of the new year is the perfect time to take a pause and make plans or resolutions for the year ahead. We asked a few friends of the brand if they are making any New Year resolutions this year, or if they are planning any small projects to improve their homes in 2023.


“I don't make resolutions of any kind as they never last, but I do believe in making sure that any short-term goals you set yourself for your home are achievable. So, if the long-term aim is to transform an entire room or your whole home (eventually), choose some small tasks first that can be done in a day or less, then the job doesn't feel so overwhelming, and it gets you started. This could be painting a room, organising or re-arranging the things on your shelves, moving some furniture around to see if you prefer the new layout, finally hanging that art, swapping the throw cushions on your bed, etc. They're small wins that will make a difference.”

Eleanor Cording-Booth, design writer, editor and interior stylist


“It’s easy to forget that we weren’t able to do lots of things up until quite recently due to the Covid regulations, so this year I have made a promise to myself to get to one thing a month. Whether it’s an exhibition or a walk around an interesting building or garden, I want to make use of what’s around me as much as possible for inspiration. Later this month I will be going to the Decorative Antiques and Textiles Fair in Battersea Park which is always good for updating my supplier list and getting some fresh ideas.

Incorporating antiques into homes is something I love to do and this year I would like to use antique textiles more in my schemes. Robert Kime was a real inspiration for me, and I loved his use of antique textiles in upholstery. I have a few vintage lengths of patterned silk that have been sitting in a box for some time so I would like to have these made up into lampshades for my own home to give some of my lamps a new lease of life!”

Sapphie Chichester, interior designer


“This year I am going to focus on monthly intentions rather than full on resolutions for the year. This month it’s about cementing habits such as regular Pilates, journalling, and unsubscribing to newsletters I never read.

I’ve been in my flat for over seven years now, so there’s lots that I’d love to do. The carpets could do with a refresh, as well as painting the hallways. I’d also love to replace some of the window treatments. The list is never ending!”

India, content creator @theindiaedit


“This year I want to take a more seasonal approach to hosting. I've been stuck in a rut when it comes to entertaining, but now I'm looking forward to dressing my table in tune with the time of year - from the colours I choose for my linen to the blooms I use in bud vases.

When it comes to cooking, I'm going to try and source food more locally too, serving the best of the season from local suppliers.”

Georgina Blaskey, interior & homes editor of Sheerluxe


“This year is one of growth for our family with the anticipated arrival of baby girl next month. So, while I'm not taking on any major resolutions or projects, my main goal for 2023 is to make the transition into a family of five as smooth and enjoyable as possible. And of course, I'm also having fun getting the nursery ready (after two boys, it's time for some pink!)”

Natalie Steen, creator of The Nat Note


"We are finishing off renovating, so slowly getting the house closer to where we want to be. My tip for this time of year is to focus on the garden. Tidying, removing dead plants and planning what you will grow when Spring arrives. There are some bulbs and plants that you can be starting on now and I find that really helps me get through the dark, wet months of January and February. I love imagining what will be growing in Spring and what I can then pick to bring indoors and brighten up the house!"

Laura Butler-Madden, Interior Designer



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