Rebecca's Tips for Summer Bed Linen


Dressing your bed during the summer months is somewhat trickier than the rest of the year, when you are focused on making your bedroom cosy and adding layers. When the nights are hot and sweaty (especially if you, like me, live in a country where our homes aren't usually equipped with air conditioning) you can help to create more comfortable conditions with your choice of bed linens. Below, I have outlined my top tips for choosing summer bed linen that is crisp and cool, breathable and regulates temperatures. 

Natural fibre sheets

Opt for pure cotton sheets rather than synthetic materials. Natural fibres are naturally breathable, which helps to regulate temperatures. The same goes for bedding and pillows made from natural fibres.

Percale weave

Percale, a particular weave of pure cotton, is the best option for summer bed linens, as it is crisp and cool to the touch. If you prefer sateen (a cotton weave that is warm and silky to the touch) for your bed linens, then swapping to a percale bottom sheet (fitted or flat) for summer makes a real difference.

Thread count

We are forever advocates for being mindful of very high thread counts (over 600/700) as the cotton will be less breathable. Be particularly mindful of this during the summer months, when you want your bed linen to be breathable to avoid hot, sweaty nights. All of our bed linen is luxurious both from a thread count perspective (for longevity, softness and a supreme handle) as well as breathability. It’s one of the major benefits of cotton bed linen so you don’t want to reduce it.

Duvet weight

Check your duvet tog. It can seem resourceful to purchase one duvet for year round use, but when we spend a third of our lives in bed (with sleep having a proven impact on our health, energy and more) is this the best option? A 4.5 tog lightweight duvet is recommended for summer nights in the UK. If you are in need of a duvet refresh, an all seasons duvet (a 4.5 and a 9 tog duvet with poppers that fasten both together to create an ultra warm duvet) is a great investment. Once again, natural fibres are best when choosing your duvet (if they are suitable for you) as they are naturally thermoregulating.

Top sheets

Unsure what a top sheet is? Traditionally, top sheets were used under woollen blankets before duvets were invented, as wool is difficult to wash. A top sheet sits between you and the duvet; it’s a luxurious addition but also a practical one. A top sheet is a brilliant option for sweltering nights – you may get rid of your duvet entirely and sleep with a top sheet alone. A further benefit of a top sheet is that they expertly finish a bed; contributing to the layers of the bed itself and the bedroom, they help to create a cosier and more welcoming room. They have the decorative detailing of the bed linen design across the top hem which folds back over the top of the duvet cover (ensure to make the bed with the detailing face down, so that it is right side up once you fold it back). Top sheets may also facilitate less laundering of the duvet cover as they are in less direct contact with us. We offer top sheets for all our bed linen ranges.


Maximise the good weather and bring the scent of nature indoors during the summer months. Sheets that have been hung to dry outside (where possible) are magnificent to sleep in. The sun will also naturally whiten your sheets. Be mindful of coloured or coloured details on bed linen if you reside in an area of intense UV radiation.

Wash your sheets often

Wash your bed linen often, especially in hot weather (we would strongly recommend at least weekly). Clean sheets are more breathable, aiding a good night's sleep. It is easier to achieve a more thorough clean when they are less dirty – build up can lead to permanent yellowing. Two sets are most efficient in the summer and economically sensible – they last you twice as long and facilitate changing sheets to take just 15 minutes. 

Which bed linens are best for summer?

I would always recommend our percale bed linens for the summer months. As mentioned above, percale cotton is crisp and cool to the touch and is an excellent choice for hot summer nights. Our Annabelle and Evora bed linen collections are crafted from percale cotton, and we also have several percale options in our Atelier made-to-order bed linens.


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