Ten New Book Releases to Read in Bed

Languid weekend lie-in's and cosy evenings by the fireside are making us more inclined to pick up a book. Here are ten new releases (fiction and non-fiction) to get stuck into this autumn.


Memories of Home by Heidi Caillier 

Interior designer Heidi Caillier's debut book is a delightful study of 12 stylish homes across the USA. Heidi focuses on mixing moody colours with layers of patterns and natural materials to create spaces which are both beautiful and comfortable. A must for any lover of interior design, especially if you love warm and layered interiors.

An Opinionated Guide to London Hotels by Gina Jackson

Showcasing 40 fabulous hotels for design-conscious travellers and Londoners, Gina Jackson's second book is the ultimate guide to staying in England's capital. This simple guide includes everything from luxury hotels and hideaways with spas to the best affordable places to stay in the city. Each review includes notes of vibe, decor, facilities and service. 


Tom Lake by Anne Patchett

Anne Patchett's latest novel is a tale of young love, told to three sisters by their mother as they return to their family orchard during lockdown. As the sisters help their mother pick cherries, she gradually tells them the story of her life, from an affair with actor Peter Duke, to meeting her husband and their father. It's a simple, beautifully written book that will be enjoyed by all. 

Good Material by Dolly Alderton

Dolly Alderton's latest novel (released early November) is a witty, perfectly observed tale of heartbreak and friendship which lovers of her previous work will devour. 

Art at Home by Rachel Loos

Grazia editor Rachel Loos presents this informative guide to buying art and displaying it in your home, whatever your budget. From describing the difference between prints, limited-edition prints and original works, to how to match art to your room and how to frame your art, Rachel covers everything you need to know about building up your art collection. 

The Gardening Book by Monty Don

Monty Don's latest book is the perfect read for keen gardeners or gardening novices. This informative book shares the basics of what, where and when to plant over 100 popular flowers, foods and shrubs, helping you to build your ideal garden. 

The Bee Sting by Paul Murray

Shortlisted for the Booker Prize, this witty, thought-provoking novel focuses on four members of an Irish family during the 2008/9 financial crash and the moments of bad luck which began their downwards spiral. With comparisons to Jonathan Franzen and award nominations, this is one of this year's must-read novels. 

The Fraud by Zadie Smith 

Zadie Smith's latest novel is based on real historical events, focusing on the trial of a man presumed lost at sea who returns to claim his inheritance. Heralded as a masterpiece, this is a must-read for fans of Smith's previous work and has also been compared to the works of Charles Dickens. 

The Tidal Year by Freya Bromley

Freya Bromley's memoir talks about how wild swimming and the communities built around it helped her to heal from the grief of her brother's death. The book chronicles Freya and her friend's journey to swim in every tidal pool in Britain, focusing as much on sisterhood and self-discovery as it does on swimming.

Flower Philosophy by Anna Potter

Featuring stunning photography alongside 25 step-by-step flower arranging projects, the latest book from Sheffield-based florist Swallows & Damsons is the perfect read for anyone who loves filling their homes with fresh blooms. The books includes guides to creating wreathes, bouquets and installations, as well as a useful flower thesaurus. 

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