As part of our commitment to being a sustainable and responsible brand, we aim to make a positive impact - socially and environmentally.


We partner with businesses that align with our philosophy. Quality, value and design, with respect to the environment.

Wherever possible, our mail order packaging is recyclable and sustainable. For example, we use:

  • kraft tape
  • recyclable and FSC certified tissue paper
  • recyclable postal boxes and gift boxes
  • recycled paper for filling parcel voids 
  • glasses are packed in cardboard boxes with 
  • no gloss coating on our print materials 
  • DHL Go Green for international shipments


We encourage you to buy less, better. Our manufacturing partners are predominantly family owned and based in traditional, heritage communities for their specialism. Whilst these manufacturers are more costly than larger corporations, we think this makes our products more special.

We are passionate about supporting these family businesses and helping to sustain heritage communities at a time where going further afield to increase margins is often favoured. We are also passionate about developing products with longevity at their core: timeless designs, exceptional craftsmanship and fantastic raw materials.


Our products are made to last. Whilst candles, if lit regularly, are never going to last years, they are made using century old techniques and consequently burn exceptionally well, and for longer. Our bed linen is made by a manufacturer that predominantly supplies the best luxury five star hotels. We exclusively use European origin linen for its unrivalled quality. We hope to encourage the tradition of passing on linen as heirlooms.