Our definition of luxury is based on provenance, craftsmanship, ethics, longevity & design.  

As part of our commitment to being a sustainable and responsible luxury brand, we aim to be a considerate business and echo our product quality in our actions.


We partner with businesses that align with our philosophy. Quality, value and design, with respect to the environment.

Wherever possible, our mail order packaging is recyclable and sustainable. For example, we use:

  • kraft tape
  • recyclable and FSC certified tissue paper
  • biodegradable mailers, when we have to use them
  • recyclable postal boxes and gift boxes
  • non-branded ribbon that you can reuse
  • recycled paper for filling parcel voids and protecting glass

Even our thank you notes have no gloss coating. The ink in our branded tissue paper is soy based, so it is entirely recyclable and biodegradable. It is 100% acid free and FSC certified. 

As hard as it was to resist - because who doesn't like pretty things - this is why we don't use gold foiling or fancy pearlised finishes. It means the box is non-recyclable. It didn't sit well with us. 


Our supplier's are artisans, heritage manufacturers or those who are doing things slightly differently - such as our Italian coated table linens. For the majority, our suppliers are family owned, European manufacturers who have been trading for hundreds of years with the expertise to match.

We are passionate about supporting these family businesses and helping to sustain heritage communities at a time in which going further afield to increase margins is more common. We are also passionate about selling products with longevity.

As an example, our candles are handmade in Denmark by a family run business. Our Irish linen manufacturer has been trading for hundred of years and our Italian bed linen resides in a historical textile region in the North of Italy.

Our products are made in fair working conditions, where employees are treated fairly - in pay and appropriate working conditions. 


Our products are made to last. Whilst candles, if lit regularly, are never going to last years, they are made using century old techniques and consequently burn exceptionally well, and for longer. Our bed linen is made by a manufacturer that predominantly supplies the best luxury five star hotels. Our linen is woven by  Master's of Linen - certified European linen - which is made from long, hardwearing fibres. We hope to encourage the tradition of passing on linen as heirlooms, as is common in France.